14th International Workshop on Combinatorial Optimization
Aussois, 4-8 january 2010
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Wednesday January 6

Morning session


Chair : G. Reinelt
08:30 G. Stauffer The Hidden Matching-Structure of the Composition of Strips: a Polyhedral Perspective slides slides
09:00 P. Ventura The stable set polytope of almost all claw-free graphs
09:30 T. Bonato Separation for the Max-Cut Problem on General Graphs slides slides
10:00 Coffee break
Chair : K. Aardal
10:30 S. Dey The Chvatal-Gomory Closure of an Ellipsoid is a Polyhedron slides
11:00 A. Wiegele First Experiments with Semidefinite Relaxations for Non-Convex Quadratic Integer Programming slides slides
11:30 A. Gleixner Undercover - A primal heuristic for MINLP based on sub-MIPs generated by set covering slides slides
12:00 Lunch


Afternoon session


Chair : M. Labbé
17:15 A. Karrenbauer A 3/2-approximation algorithm for rate-monotonic multiprocessor scheduling of implicit deadline tasks
17:45 D. Müller Faster Min-Max Resource Sharing in Theory and Practice
18:15 Break
18:30 J. Hatzl The Inverse 1-Median Problem in Rd with the Tschebyscheff-Norm
19:00 M. Pocchiola On the connectedness of one-extension spaces of double pseudoline arrangements slides
19:30 Dinner

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