14th International Workshop on Combinatorial Optimization
Aussois, 4-8 january 2010
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Monday January 4

Morning session


Chair : M. Conforti
08:30 V. Kaibel Symmetry Matters for Sizes of Extended Formulations slides slides
09:00 R. Stephan Characterization of facets of the hop constrained path polytope using projection slides slides
09:30 A. Schurmann Polyhedral representation conversion up to symmetries slides slides
10:00 Coffee break
Chair : M. Queyranne
10:30 J. Vygen Faster algorithm for optimum Steiner trees slides
11:00 S. Mattia The Robust Network Loading Problem with Dynamic Routing slides slides
11:30 A. Caprara Column Generation for Models with a Pseudo-Compact Reformulation slides
12:00 Lunch


Afternoon session


Chair : G. Rinaldi
17:15 A. Sebo An excluded minor characterization of Seymour graphs slides
17:45 L. Schewe Bounding the diameter of polytopes using oriented matroids and satisfiablity solvers slides slides
18:15 Break
18:30 G. Nannicini On families of split cuts that can be generated efficiently
19:00 A. Tramontani A Computational Investigation on Two-Row cuts from the Simplex Tableau
19:30 Dinner

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